Transportation Management
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A cloud-based transport and fleet system that conducts together everything you need to rule your operations. From Contracts, booking, delivery, to billing and finance, Nway Transport offers you everything in one place.

Nway Transport is one of India’s first ready to use GST and E-way bill business systems that automatically generates all documents during operations with no extra effort.


Transportation Management
Contract Management

Freight rate contract for customer wise with rates of other charges automatically.

Transportation Management
KYC Process

Before sending consignment you can check vehicle and driver KYC.

Transportation Management
Crossing/ Transhipment

Crossing process provides facility delivery with linking option in case of change vehicle on transit.

Transportation Management

You can receive bill amounts bill-wise and TDS calculation will be done automatically.

Transportation Management
Order/Pre Booking Process Management

Now keep your customer's orders, generate them to your other branches, and track the status of order.

Transportation Management
Vehicle Placement / Replacement

On completion of pre-booking process, you can assign a vehicle to a particular order. The dispatch branch will only be able to create placement.

Transportation Management
Consignment Booking/ Builty

A goods consignment note can be created directly or can be populated from order. The process available in transportation management takes the process of order status change, a bill to option, crossing concept availability.

Transportation Management
Acknowledgement/ POD

This process gives information about the vehicle/truck’s arrival time, transit time, detention if any, any shortage/damage, which is created when the vehicle reaches the dispatch location.

Transportation Management

Generate proforma bills or generate bills by select part name, select bulk list based on criteria. Get benefits on automatic calculation, remaining amount, and checks.

Transportation Management
Challan/ Manifest

Full truckload (FTL ), don’t need to follow this process as it is automatically created from consignment note for self-lorry. For a market vehicle, this document should be created by fetching data from consignment booking to create a truck freight memo, for which the system has provided all necessary checks and balances in this process.

Transportation Management
Additional Important Process

Additional processes in TMS includes warehouse system, club builty. Remarks of every process will carry forward to next process. The bifurcate advance amount for TFM. The balance amount can be paid another branch. The amount can be waived off. On completion of the existing process, it indicates you about the next process to be completed. Nway gives complete visibility on the movement of consignment and give real-time tracking information.