Accounts Management
Get a clear visualization to make better decisions

Cloud based advanced accounting systems come with simplicity, easy to use and growth. The system is fully interlinked with all other modules of cloud TMS, which provides accuracy, transparency and visibility. Get a real time view of your fleet’s daily operations, thereby reducing cost, increasing efficiency.

The information is filtered by putting approvals, validations and intelligence in all the internal processes.

Financials Management System
Centralized Approved Billing

Place, approve, and reject, payment requisition.
Link vouchers to payment requisition and view reports.
View vouchers like payment bill, journal, debit note, credit note (GST enabled reports).
One branch to other branch voucher approval.

Financials Management System
Interlinked Modules

Review all the bill adjustments in advance or in real time.
View monthly budget.
View and edit weekly pay requirement to keep yourself prepared for the changes.
Approve and reject posting of vouchers.

Financials Management System
View Reports at a Glance such as

General Ledger
Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable
Asset Management
Profit Tracking
Banking Management

Financials Management System
Achieve Budgets with Strategic Accounting

Whole inflow & outflow of money /capital is managed by the account module. This module keeps track of all account-related
transactions like expenditures, balance sheets, account ledgers, budgeting, bank statements, payment receipts, tax management, etc. Financial reporting is an easy task for this module of ERP. Any financial data this is required for running a business is available on click.

Financials Management System
TDS & GST Returns

Our accounting system automatically deducts TDS in payable bills & Receive bills based on TDS configuration laid down in account master. Nway transport ERP has expertise with this new norm for helping our clients to get rid of GST issues. The processes are GST input & output are fully automated, reduce human error.