Advantages of Using Transportation Management Software

An ERP software is a game-changer for transportation businesses when it comes to moving freight efficiently, and economically and improving operations, driving business, and providing better service to customers. With the increasingly digitized transportation industry, it is no surprise that the global transportation ERP system market is growing. Statistically, the transportation management software market is expected to reach $6.63 billion by 2026 that’s up from $2.45 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 13% in 2019.

There are many advantages of a transport management system which help companies to move goods from the point of origin to the destination more accurately and cost-effectively. Before choosing a system, understand the value and how it can be beneficial to your transportation company. For this, we have included some benefits of transport management software which will help you to select the best system and improve business productivity and profitability.

1. Inventory Management

With the help of transportation management software, you can centralise all your inventory in a single dashboard and access it in one place. You can manage all your inventory, orders, inbound and outbound sales, delivery, manage vehicles, etc. The Inventory Management module in TMS software is helping you enable better control of your transportation, finance, operations, and out-of-stock inventory, and reducing errors as compared to humans.

2. Supply chain Visibility

A transport management software can be integrated into the supply chain and it can provide complete transparency in the supply chain. Such a high level of real-time visibility and access to data from all other integrated systems is a huge advantage for a transportation company. This will allow transportation managers to identify and act quickly and effectively at any given opportunity to resolve issues on ongoing delivery.

3. Tracking Vehicle

Tracking of vehicles is always challenging in the transportation industry but an advanced transport management software provides you with real-time live tracking facilities and the management team to enable a GPS tracking system on the ongoing shipment process and take necessary action in case of any variation and helps to reduce risk, reduce unnecessary time and improve the efficiency of work.

4. Better Planning and Accurate Reports

Proper planning and accurate reports are very important for a transportation business because the more accurate your report about your work, the better you can plan for your delivery and business success. A transportation management system gives you accurate reports and analysis that allows the management team to make decisions based on this data and enable accurate planning and forecasting.

Today we got to know the advantages of using transportation management software.

3 Top Secrets about Reverse Logistics That All Logistics Service Providers Must Know

Today the logistics process is an integral part of a successful and well-organized supply chain. But the reverse logistics process has also become an essential component. Over the years, as e-commerce has seen a boom, hence there has also been a significant increase in reverse logistics, which means that consumers send goods back to the retailer. Furthermore, consumers expect these return policies to be easy.

Hence, to meet the demands of such customers, companies are trying their best to make it as accessible as possible and have been successful too. This may result in an additional cost to the logistics service provider and degradation of the customer experience. In many cases, these are common aspects we see in reverse logistics.

• Failed Deliveries
• Returning Damaged Products or Parts
• Customer Returns
• Unhappy Customer

Along with the stiff competition among logistics service providers to add new customers, the following aspects can help you to stay ahead in a competitive market. So today we will learn 3 secrets about reverse logistics that all LSPs must know.

Automate and digitize your returns management process.

Without strong technical support, it has become a very difficult task for logistics companies to handle large volume deliveries and returns. For this, you can use logistics software, with the help of which you can handle the delivery and return in the logistics operation. In addition, the customer should be able to easily request returns, schedule returns, access and track return flow through a link in the delivery message, from the retailer’s website or app.

Using cloud-based logistics software will help you streamline operations and achieve overall efficiencies, which will help Logistics service providers and shippers to coordinate the entire reverse logistics process by planning for timely pickups and automating the process of returns.

Remanufacturing or refurbishment

Another secret of reverse logistics includes remanufacturing, refurbishing, and reconditioning of the same product, which includes the activities of repair, rebuilding, and reworking. Companies use interchangeable and reusable parts or materials from other products and use them in new products. In this way, the company can save all the money in it, which also helps in growth.

Reduction in losses and unplanned profits

Repair and re-stock your reverse logistics unit, after which you can reuse it in the secondary market to make up for the loss of your investment in the failed product and with good reverse logistics you can save a lot of money on it.

Top 4 Features to Look for in A Transport Management System

Each company searches for ways to simplify its transportation processes, minimize delivery costs and maximize profits to remain competitive in the transportation business market, which is more evident in the transportation industry. The world of business is changing with the increasing demands of customers and many other issues which is giving many challenges to the transport companies.

Enterprise resource planning can allow companies to scale up and manage their business processes as needed. Hence ERP can be termed as Business Management System software which can integrate points activities in a project and deliver better results together for better performance, reducing cost and increasing profits. So today we will know about 4 such features which will help you to choose the best transport ERP software and will give a lot of profit to your business and give you the understanding to manage it in a better way.

  1. Unlimited User Access

Before choosing any transport ERP Software for your business, you must check whether it has the facility of unlimited user access or not. If that ERP software has an option to provide access to unlimited users, then go for it as it will be the best transportation management software for your business.

With the feature of unlimited user access, you can give access to anyone in your business so that he too can manage the business properly and analyse all the reports.

  1. Financial management

All transport management companies have more than 5 to 10 clients and most of the clients work on a contract or short-term basis, so every client has a different budget with different time duration. ERP software helps in financial management, so while selecting the ERP system for your business, you should check whether there is an option to do financial management or not and if so how easily you can use it.

  1. Accuracy in Reports

The more accurate your reports and information about your work, the more accurately you can analyse your work, maximize profits and improve productivity, ERP software gives you accurate reports so that you can Get accurate transportation information. Therefore, while choosing an ERP system for your business, you need to check whether you can generate and generate accurate reports.

  1. Live Tracking Option

Advance ERP software system provides you with live tracking facilities. It allows the business manager to enable a GPS tracking system on the ongoing delivery process and take necessary action in case of any variation and also helps in reducing risk, unnecessary time, and improving the efficiency of work. Therefore, while choosing an ERP system for your transportation business, you need to check whether it has the feature of live tracking or not.

So, these were the 4 top features that you should see before taking the ERP software. If these features are available, then they will help you a lot and you will be able to manage your business properly. This will benefit you and increase productivity in the business.

ERP Software for Transport and Logistics Companies: A Definitive Guide

Transport ERP

Many transportations and logistics companies use ERP software to manage and execute plans to move goods & materials and these goods are typically transferred from suppliers to customers. 

But have you ever wondered How ERP Software helps these Transportation Companies?

The ERP software for your logistics company automates the transportation process and makes the job much easier and saves a lot of time with money. This can help achieve higher operating efficiency and maximize productivity.

So today we will learn about this Transport ERP Software and find out how this software helps in your transportation business and what are its features.

Features and Benefits of ERP Systems for the Logistics Industry:

ERP for Transport system enables you to track and manage various tasks on a single dashboard on any type of device. Let us explore its features and benefits for the transport industry:

1. Delivery Planning

ERP solutions for the transportation industry enable optimum utilization of your resources & materials and it allows you to execute your delivery plan on a freight fleet management system. It makes sure that your resources are being used to their full potential.

2. Real-time Reports and Tracking

Our advanced transport ERP software solution provides you with tracking features and reliable analytical reports from real-time data. It allows the transportation head to enable a GPS tracking system on the ongoing transport process and take necessary action in case of any variance and therefore, our transportation ERP software also helps in reducing risk, unnecessary time, and improving the efficiency of work.

3. Reporting and Analytics

The more accurate your report and information about your transportation process, the more you can analyze your work to improve productivity in your business. Our ERP software gives you accurate reports so that you can get accurate information about transportation and analyze the whole process. In this ERP software, you can manage goods and material information, driver’s information such as when did they start the transport process and when did they reach their destination. With Nway Transport ERP you can get accurate reports as per your needs at your fingertips.

4. Increasing Return on Investment (ROI)

Transport ERP software enables transportation companies to avoid manual, time-consuming, off-time delivery, and labour-intensive processes, control expense, and staffing get rid of unwanted operating costs, remove unnecessary downtime, and meet project deadlines, allowing distributing and helping the organization to achieve maximum ROI.

5. Cost Estimation

Implementation of Transport ERP software can reduce wastage, technical cost and enhance workflow efficiency. ERP system for the transportation industry is really helpful in estimating the project cost and automating many labour-intensive tasks and expediting the processes for the future as per budget. Some transport companies work on a contract basis and before getting the tender, they bid for their projects for better cost estimation.

NWAY Transport ERP provides the best ERP software solution that can help your transportation business to get all the above benefits and meet the needs of your transportation business. If you’d like to learn more about how our Smart ERP software helps you build your business operations, fill out our demo form and consult with Nway’s 15+ years of domain experts.

Top 5 ways How Right Logistics ERP Software Will boost Up Your Business Growth

Transport ERP System

Every business has its way of running it and it’s very important how you manage, especially if you talk about the transportation business, you have to manage everything like your transport vehicle has reached on time or not, your transport vehicle is supplying properly or not, and many more.

With the rise of eCommerce and global markets, there has been a significant increase in supply and demand, but a lack of proper business strategy slows down business growth and many transportation businesses do not know what they need or how to manage and grow their business.

ERP software can prove to be very effective to grow your business as you can manage all your operations in the transportation business. So today we will learn about top the 5 ways how logistics ERP software will boost your business growth.

1. Get secure access to your seller portal

The logistics ERP software lets you make sure that not everyone can open the software, only those who are its registered vendors or sellers can open it, and you can decide which vendors can open what information. With the help of ERP software, your business data is also protected and your seller also gets information accordingly.

2. Check stock availability and control inventory

ERP software can help you a lot in your transportation business like how to check stock availability and how to keep it under control. In this ERP software, you can check the stock of all materials on a single dashboard and easily find out which stock is about to expire or which stock has already expired. This will help you to never stop your work.

3. Easy maintenance and transportation schedule

ERP software allows you to give specific deadlines for all your work, in which you can set a timetable so that your vendors & your employees know at what time the material is to be delivered. If your material is not delivered within the stipulated time, you will receive an alert which helps you to get all the information in an easier way about the task.

4. Staff Management

When it comes to managing the staff then ERP software can help you a lot, in ERP software you can manage the working hours of your employee, you can manage everything like break timing, leave tracking etc. With ERP software, you do not need to handle any register and there is no possibility of error in it.

5. Remote location access to your business

One of the features of ERP software is that you can open it anywhere on any type of device, you only need your username and password to open and you can start your business from anywhere. So today you have to know 5 ways with the help of which you can boost your transportation business, you must use NWAY Transport ERP software to get many benefits apart from these.

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