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Features of Our Transport ERP Software

Improve Performance of Transportation Business with ERP Software

Transportation ERP software is a specialized enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system designed to meet the needs of transportation businesses. This includes WhatsApp integration, e-way bill, validating GSTIN, tracking vehicle location during transportation, and much more, so ERP software manages all your business activities and improves productivity. Logistics ERP system helps you to handle all the business processes in a single dashboard which helps in increasing the profit of an organization and ensuring the success of the customer.

e-way Bill
e-Way Bill
Payment Gateway
Payment Gateway
GPS-Vehicle Tracking
GPS-Vehicle Tracking
GST E-Invoice
GST E-Invoice
Whatsapp Integration
Whatsapp Integration
SMS Integration
SMS Integration
Fastag  Integration
Fastag Integration
Weighbridge Integration
Weighbridge Integration
Happay Card Integration
Happay Card Integration
Petro Card / Diesel API Integration
Petro Card / Diesel API Integration

Why Choose NWAY Logistics Management ERP System

Why is NWAY logistics management Software Different from All Other ERP software?

NWAY Advanced ERP Software for Transportation automates business processes and makes work much easier for companies and saves a lot of time as well as money. It can also help you provide tracking features and reliable accurate analytical reports from real-time data and achieve higher operational efficiency and improve productivity and profitability. Some of the advanced features of NWAY ERP are listed below so that you will know why you should choose our ERP software for your logistics business.

Nway ERP Mobile Application


Card recharge (Petro card, cash card emergency only)

Driver KYC entry

Vehicle KYC entry

LR allocated (customer details, contact no., destination)

Fuel request with reading

E-POD (signature/OTP)

Estimate expenses entry with bill attachment


Current vehicle location

In transit vehicle

Free/idle vehicle

Pending LR

Dispatch confirmation

Reports & Analysis

Payable amount party wise

Receivable amount party wise

Branch Profit

KYC approvals

Approvals on pre define places

Summary reports (Pre define places)

Notifications & Approvals (Predefine places)

ERP For Logistics Company Benefits

Why your logistics business needs an ERP Software

Transporting goods/consignments from source to destination is not as easy as it looks. Almost all the company searches for ways to simplify their transportation processes, minimize delivery costs and maximize profits to remain competitive in the transportation business market, which is more evident in the transportation industry. Opportunely, we can help, with this logistics ERP system, smoothly manage your consignment, vehicles, and drivers. Additionally, integrated system, with automated email/SMS notifications and mobile support. Your transport operations are assumed to be smooth.

Logistics Inventory Management ERP Software
Implementation in just 3 Steps

Implement the best ERP software for your logistics business to manage your inventory

With the help of Logistics Inventory Management Software, you can centralize all your inventory in a single dashboard and access it in one place with one click, and also you can manage all your logistics inventory as per your requirement such as upcoming orders, inbound and outbound sales, delivery, etc. The NWAY Logistics Inventory Management module is helping you enable better control of your inventory, finance, operations, and out-of-stock inventory and reduce errors as compared to humans. Implement NWAY ERP Software in just 3 steps to manage inventory.

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Team consisting of specialized experts having 12+ years of experience in this field. Enabling your business to go in trusted hands.

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Logistics Tracking Software with GST Compliance

GST Enabled Nway Transport ERP Software for India

Smart taxation with recently involved GST (Goods and Services Tax), many logistics businesses are struggling with GST which was brought in action on 1st July 2017, in India the accounts and finance modules encrypt GST which enables the owner to understand the new tax changes and further ease out the transactions. Hence NWAY Logistics ERP is specialized with this new benchmark to help our clients to get rid of GST issues. In our ERP software, you get an account module and they send alerts for GST compliance.

GST Compliance

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